Lap Trays for the Whole Family

Published: 24th August 2009
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For people who use padded lap trays they are a wonderful for having around the house as they can be used in a variety of different ways. Others who do not currently use or have even seen a lap tray they can look like a waste of time as you can eat your dinner on your lap without using a lap tray. This may be true but it can be foolish as there are a lot of benefits to using a bean bag lap tray.

Lap trays have been around for generations and they are beginning to become more and more popular in households around the UK due to their retro status. The reputation of lap trays just being used by grandparents is no longer true as the padded lap tray is being used by every generation of the family. Below are just a few reasons why the simple bean bag lap tray is ideal for all members of the family.

Lap Trays and Children

Children are renowned for being extremely messy and occasionally clumsy in whatever they are doing so anything that can combat this is a parents dream. Laptrays can hold the key as craft making, colouring in and writing can be done easily and with less mess. The easy to wipe down surface means that any stray crayon on pen marks can be easily wiped clean using a sponge and some water. The designs of the laptrays can also appeal to youngsters with The Simpsons and Spongebob Square Pants lap trays available.

Young Adult and Lap Trays

Young adults, such as University students and people in their 20's and 30's, can occasionally suffer from having limited space, which means that the space in their flat or house is at a premium. Bean bag can be the answer to their problems as it means you don't have to purchase a dining table to eat your dinner at. The convenient lap trays are ideal for storing away and their funky designs, such as the Superman and Supergirl lap trays, means that you will easily be able to distinguish whose lap tray is who's.

Older Generation and Lap Trays
With a similar need to have more space in the house, lap trays eradicate the need for a dining room table. The thick padded lap trays means that it will not burn your legs when eating a hot meal and any spillages made are less likely to fall on your clothes and stain. The sturdy wooden surface means that the plate won't slide about and it is designed so it is easy to eat your dinner from.

With all these generations using and enjoying the benefits of lap trays, it can be an ideal novelty gift for any member of the family. At Hiccup Gifts the wide range of lap tray designs means that you are bound to find a design that suits your style. The bean bag lap trays are made of high quality wood and will last for many years to come. For more information about Hiccup Gifts full lap tray range along with the rest of their other novelty gifts, please contact them directly or go on line.

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