Shabby Chic Door Handles and distressed finishes

Published: 13th May 2011
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Shabby Chic styles are becoming increasingly popular in fashion, with worn leather jackets, faded jeans and vintage shirt designs being popular well into the spring. Interior Decoration has followed similar trends and mixing period styles with distressed finishes has become a design statement for many homes. More Handles stock a selection of Door Handles and Door Knobs designed to blend perfectly with the faded paint and period settings that make up the Shabby Chic ethos.

Classic Porcelain door knobs & door handles

Porcelain door handles are designed to look delicate and elegant – and add a sense of history to your door furniture. The Crackle Finish Porcelain Door Handle from More Handles, with a green crackle finish on a stylish, aged effect PVD stainless bronze rose this handle is uniquely well placed to be used as part of a shabby chic scheme of interior decoration. It is part of the Delamain collection from Carlisle brass range and comes with a 25 year guarantee. Against a wooden door painted with an artfully distressed finish this Delamain Porcelain Door Handle will lift the décor and easily complete a look that can be difficult to balance.

Porcelain black dahlia door knobs are classical door knobs that can be used with both Mortice or Rim locks. These stylish door knobs are available in white porcelain rose; black porcelain rose and also in polished chrome rose. Chatsworth has undoubtedly been a world leader in door hardware, furniture and accessories. Since their founding in 1847, Chatsworth has grown and evolved into masters of door hardware design, producing irresistible and unique patterns and designs. The Black Dahlia range of Door Knobs from this manufacturer are perfectly designed to complement classic Victorian interiors and the deliberately worn and crazed paint of Shabby Chic finished interiors.

Also part of our collection is the intricately designed homemade glass collection Door Knobs. Here every single one of the door knobs is individually crafted by specialist in a glass studio in England. The quality of each piece is superlative and the door knobs fit comfortably into the brass work. They are durable while appearing delicate. Most glass door knobs are glued onto the rose, these are swaged on, which means that the handle will last longer. First class British craftsmanship and quality has been adhered to at each step of its construction. They are available in amber, bright blue, cobalt blue, clear, peridot green and purple and against a weathered wooden door will add that sparkle that turns shabby into chic and sets off the details of this popular and fashionable design trend.

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